[AI Agents]

A.I. Ascendance

Leverage intelligent AI Agents to drive exponential growth in your business.

Our [AI Agents] package provides you with custom AI agents, trained on your data, that embed seamlessly into your operations, learning and evolving in real-time to meet the unique needs of your team and customers.

As your growth partner, we work with you to create a competitive edge and reach your most ambitious goals through cutting ege AI Agents and the operations you build around them.

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Free Your Time, Energy, and Creativity

AI Agents free up your team to focus on higher-value activities by automating repetitive tasks, handling customer facing support, generating relevant insights, and much more.
The AI Opportunity: Don't get left behind when AI transforms your industry; we help you turn the coming disruption into a strategic advantage
Unlock Your Potential: Free up your team's capacity to focus on higher-impact, strategic work that scales your brand and drives your vision.

Key Features

Two custom AI agents that continuously learn and adapt to your specific business needs. Option to build customer-facing and/or internal agents.
Ease of Use: Agents can be accessed through familiar channels like your website, social media channels, team Slack, or directly on WhatsApp.
Seamless Integration: Agents can be integrated with your current software, including CRM, Project Management and much more
Ongoing upgrades to your agents, including new custom actions and automations that automate important tasks.

Ways to Leverage AI Agents

This list is non-exhaustive. For each client we identity and build Agents around their most important business use cases.
Customer Support Agent on your website and social media channels, providing instant, personalized support and lead nurturing 24/7
Internal AI Assistant in your team Slack or WhatsApp, streamlining communication, automating repetitive tasks, and providing real-time insights and content generation
AI-assisted training and onboarding for consistent, high-quality education and skill development
Agent driven lead qualification and follow-up, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks and freeing up your sales team to focus on high-value conversations

Source and Manage Top Talent

Instead of managing multiple marketing agencies, dev shops, and armies of freelancers, we offer growing leaders a single point of contact solution, sourcing and managing the talent you need at every stage of your Ascendance.
Comprehensive talent sourcing and management under a single point of contact
Tailored talent strategies that align with your brand's vision, growth objectives, and financial resources
Access to a network of creative studios & consultants at the bleeding edges of their disciplines

Start Your AI Ascension

We are currently in beta phase & accepting a limited number of clients each month.

Upon application, an Ascendance strategist will reach out with more details.

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Our [AI Agents] package is a recurring subscription model that allows you to cancel anytime.

This investment includes the initial setup and onboarding of your custom AI agents, as well as ongoing upgrades and hands-on support to ensure your company sees the full, real-world value of your investment.

Please allow 30 Days for the initial Agent build and integration


Custom AI Agent Trained on your Data
Design, Implementation, and Team Training
Integration with your key softwares and tools
Ongoing upgrades monthly, including new workflows & tools
Pause, or cancel anytime. 60 day money back guarantee for first time subscribers.
Agents learn and improve over time, positioning your company to thrive during future AI disruption
Option to productize and sell agents to your competitors as a software (coming soon)
24/7 access to our team via slack
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Monthly AI workshop to identify new automation opportunities in your business
Unlimited Automations
Easy credit card payments
Unlimited Revisions
Pause, or cancel anytime
Save $4,800 annually
Access to network of growth partners
24/7 access to our team via slack
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